Our teachers bring a variety of experience and recognize the differences in individuals and will help you to adapt in order that all students can find a way to work with their bodies in a safe practice.

PAULINE - Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga & Kids Yoga

Pauline is a certified Yoga Teacher trained in Mauritius (at Akbar yoga movement) with the school of VYASA India in 2011. She began her Yoga journey 10 years ago, healing herself from a back injury physically and emotionally thanks to her Yoga practice.

Excited to share her passion of Yoga with you, Pauline offers Hatha Yoga, Chair Yoga, Restorative Yoga & Kids Yoga at the Yoga House. Classes with her are playful and you will explore your body and its abilities through postures and movements.

Enthusiasm to love life is contagious around her and you will leave her classes feeling literally uplifted and more connected to your own joyful potential.

Pauline is a happy and positive teacher and her mission is to support you on your Yoga journey through healing of the body, mind and soul.

With gentleness and love, she will help you explore deeply within to unlock and get rid of all the blocks and walls created throughout the years and to connect to all that is you.

YAËLLE - Yin Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yin & Yang Yoga

Yaëlle is one of the founders of the Yoga House, a Yoga teacher and an energy therapist (Cranio Sacral).

She was trained in Bali & Europe in Yoga & energetics with Cat Kabira (300hrs).
Yoga has truly changed her life, hence her calling to create a Yoga sanctuary in Mauritius and to teach Yoga in her own authentic way.

Yaëlle teaches Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release classes at the Yoga House. Yin Yoga is a contemplative practice of Yoga that deeply relaxes the nervous system and the mind as well as reenergize & balance the body energy flows. Myofascial Release will enable you to release tensions in your body tissues giving yourself gentle self-massages. Coupled with Yin Yoga, it’s magic !

In her classes, she will hold space for you to explore Yoga in a gentle and kind way, turning your attention inwards. She will guide you through breathing exercises, meditation, Yoga asanas and deep relaxation.

Yaëlle’s purpose is to help you connect to your breath and create space in your body & mind, allowing you to feel more peace, balance, love and joy in your life.

PETRA - Aerial Yoga

After studying intensively Yoga in Germany with Ernst Adams for 15 years, Petra became a certified Yoga teacher in 2011 with the school «Shades of Yoga» in South Africa.

Petra teaches Aerial Yoga at the Yoga House. In her class, she will guide you through a fun & strong practice in the air! Try a different way to practice Yoga asanas with the support of Yoga swings!

THERESA - Pilates

Curiosity, continuous study, vast knowledge and exploration of the body and movement have allowed Theresa to teach dance, movement analysis and body work around the world for over 25 years (US, Africa & Asia).

She has studied intensively Pilates with faculty from the BASI method, the STOTT method and is currently certified by the Physical Mind Institute, the American Council of Exercise and is a faculty member of Balanced Body.

Theresa offers Pilates Flow classes at the Yoga House, as well as Private classes customized to your individual needs.

In her classes, she will share with you her love and curiosity of movement, guiding you through carefully selected Pilates exercises.

Theresa is a positive and dynamic teacher and her purpose is to help you find mind body wellness through movement and create more balance and harmony in your life.

MICHELE - Pilates

With a background in dance, music and theatre, Michele is a certified FISAF Fitness Instructor and a certified Pilates teacher trained with the Pilates Institute UK and Switzerland since 2007.

Michele offers a variety of Pilates classes at the Yoga House, from Postural Pilates to Pilates Flow. In her classes, she will guide you through a satisfying and complete mind and body workout. Her classes will leave you with an overall feeling of wellbeing through a blend of breathing techniques and conscious movement.

Michele is dedicated to support you on your path to body and soul wellbeing through natural and conscious movement and breath.

HANNA - Vinyasa Yoga & Strong Vinyasa Yoga

Hanna started practicing yoga to escape the busy days at her corporate job in London. With encouragement from her friends and family to find something closer to her heart she completed her first yoga teacher training in Nepal, staying at a Buddhist Monastery overlooking the Himalayas. Back in London she started teaching and loved every minute of it. In the years following, she has completed several trainings including yin and prenatal yoga training. In 2016, Hanna moved to Mauritius and is excited to continue her teaching here.

She will offer Vinyasa Yoga classes at the Yoga House. This style feels very intuitive to her as we slowly warm up the body and find a nice flow, then slow down again, similar to the flow of the day or life itself.

Hanna believes we can live from a stronger and kinder place when we get to know ourselves. She hopes to provide the space for you to explore the body-mind connection and start listening to your heart and intuition.

BERNADETTE - Power Yoga and Senior Yoga

With a background in bodywork & the spa industry, Bernadette is now a Yoga teacher and a Body Stress Release practitioner. She got her Yoga teacher certification in 2007 with the school of Prashanti Kutiram in Bangalore, India. Bernadette found everything she needed with Yoga: a practice that develops not only strength and flexibility but also balance and peace.

Bernadette is offering Power Yoga classes and Senior Yoga classes at the Yoga House. Bernadette is passionate to share Power Yoga, a dynamic Yoga practice invigorating the body through breath, movement and strength. She also loves to share simple and safe Yoga practices with the ‘golden oldies’, supporting them to improve gently movement, flexibility and strength in their body and mind.

Bernadette’s mission is to help you feel empowered to take care of your unique body and mind. Her purpose is to guide you to take your body, with awareness, into a place of mind body release using the beauty and strength of Yoga asanas (postures).

TATIANA - Vinyasa Yoga

As soon she started to practice Yoga, Tatiana felt in love with the practice and decided to become a Yoga teacher. She attended a 3 months Yoga Teacher Training in South Africa focusing on Vinyasa & Power Yoga 2 years ago and recently completed another 200 Hrs Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with the Shala Yoga School of Cape Town.

This recent training was focusing on Vinyasa Yoga as a safe physical, mental & spiritual practice emphasizing correct alignments & the use of props. In her Vinyasa Yoga classes at the Yoga House, Tatiana will guide you through a dynamic practice with safe alignment cues and using props to practice with a conscious and aligned body.

Expect some core work, a few asana challenges and some good stretching. Your body will feel strong and happy and you will get an amazing fresh feeling after her class! Tatiana’s mission is to share her love of the practice with you & to help you feel strong & flexible, connected to your heart and happy, feeling joy in your life!