A regular Yoga practice increases our sense of wellbeing, concentration and calm. Through practice and consistency, you can move away from negative physical or mental conditions, and healing can be achieved. Accept and be gentle with yourself. Do what you can do, without judgment. The Yoga House offers classes suitable for all levels of practice. Please find detailed descriptions of all our regular classes below. If you have any questions about which class is right for you, please contact us.

YOGA HOUSE classes description

AERIAL YOGA with Petra

Join Petra for a different; fun practice of Yoga supported by one of our soft and comfortable Yoga swings. Create body strength; flexibility, have fun; uplift your spirit !


Join this class if you would like to go deeper in your Yin practice, staying longer in poses and exploring stillness in more challenging Yin Yoga poses. A guided deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra) in the end of the class will leave you feeling so relaxed; peaceful in your body; mind!

KIDS YOGA with Pauline

During 45 min, our kids will be exploring the basics of Yoga in a playful and safe environment, relaxing and having fun while developing strength, flexibility and focus as well as body awareness and self acceptance. A happy moment in their busy week!

PILATES FLOW with Michele

If you are comfortable with Pilates basics, come and learn more advanced exercises and flow through a sequence of movements, to achieve a more choreographed and aerobic style session.


If you want to understand how to create and maintain a healthy posture, this class is for you. Come and learn the fundamentals of Pilates through a series of exercises with an emphasis on breathing techniques and core-muscle control.


This gentle class focuses on breathing, relaxation, gentle movements, and supported Yoga poses. This class is ideal for people with injuries, chronic pain, or limited mobility, but open to all people who are looking for a gentle, relaxing practice. Feel peaceful & restored !

VINYASA YOGA/YOGA FLOW with Hanna & Tatiana

You will be invited to flow through a series of Yoga poses, strengthening and stretching the body gradually. The emphasis of these classes is on building awareness of the breath and the body-mind connection, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, strong and calm! All Vinyasa Yoga classes are Open Level but one class is designed more specifically for Beginners & one for Strong practitioners 😉

YIN YOGA with Yaëlle

Practice Yin Yoga, a contemplative style of Yoga, holding supported Yoga poses for 3 to 5 min, using breath and gravity to deeply release the body tensions (at the connective tissues level). A gentle, meditative yet energizing form of Yoga that will create peace in your body and mind !

CHAIR YOGA with Pauline

Chair Yoga is ideal for those who find it difficult to get down or up from, the floor, for any variety of reasons. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of relaxation, conscious breathing, and Yoga poses! In this class, you will learn to use available props like chairs and walls to practice Yoga safely and create physical balance, strength and flexibility !

HATHA YOGA Pauline (Gentle or Strong)

You will be guided through a gentle or strong practice of traditional static Yoga asanas (postures), staying; breathing in the postures for a while. A relaxation in the end will give time to your body to integrate the practice. Create strength & flexibility in your body; Peace in your mind !


A sweet practice mixing guided meditation & deep relaxation to connect to yourself, quiet your mind and feel more peaceful !

PILATES FLOW with Theresa

Every exercise in Pilates has a specific rhythm attached to it. The goal is to maintain continuity from repetition to repetition and from exercise to exercise. Creating smooth transitions helps our body to learn to move with grace and efficiency, which improves performance and decreases injury. Creating flow and rhythm in movement helps to create flow in your life.

POWER YOGA with Bernadette

A dynamic practice of Yoga focusing on developing strength and flexibility while encouraging movements. If you are looking for a good workout and asana challenges this class is for you!

SENIOR YOGA with Bernadette

Improve gently your strength, flexibility, and mobility through standing or seated yoga poses specially adapted for seniors (60 and older) at any level of health and fitness. Props are provided to keep everyone safe and supported.

YIN & YANG YOGA with Yaëlle

This practice combines movement & stillness, a gentle Yoga Flow & a Yin Yoga sequence. A balanced practice to create strength and flexibility in your body and peace in your mind !